Meticulous 5-Step Installation Process

Our Process

At EpoxyIT, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail that comes with 17+ years of experience. Our meticulous installation process by certified, experienced professionals ensures your new floor will last for years to come.

Step 1:

Prep Surface

We diamond grind all our floors for 100% perfect mechanical adhesion. Your concrete floor must be properly prepared in order to open up the pores of the concrete so the epoxy can adhere properly. All control joints are filled with an epoxy based polymer for cracks that appear in the joints prior to application and all other visible fractures in the floor are also filled at that time.

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Step 2:

Moisture Barrier

We like to go above and beyond when it comes to prep work and primer, that’s why at EpoxyIT we upgrade you for free to a Moisture Vapor Barrier Primer Coat. That way either of us has any headaches later due to MVE. We use one of the best products on the market that will provide superior adhesion over concrete with levels of Moisture Vapor Emissions.

Note: On larger projects we do charge to apply MVB WB Primers as well as MVB solids epoxies.


Step 3:

Epoxy or Poly + Vinyl Chip Flake

This is when the pigmented polyaspartic, high solids epoxy or water based epoxy is applied. Depending on what system you have chosen or desired budget you are committed to. If you have chosen a vinyl chip floor coating system in either 1 /4” or 5/8”, this is when we will apply the chips.


Step 4:


Your new floor will be scraped with a metal scraper to clean the loose/excess chips off the floor and at that point either vacuumed or blown out to free all chips from floor. With any size chip you choose, we apply a product called Slab Seal. Slab Seal is a water based UV Stable product that not only acts as a build coat but also smooths the chips out for improved aesthetic and performance.


Step 5:

UVR Top Coat

This is the final step! We apply one of the industry’s best 2-part high solids polyaspartic topcoats that will leave your floor gleaming for the lifetime of the floor.


Jesse and his team did an exceptional job. He was patient eager to answer any questions we had with the process and was knowledgeable about the products and processes involved. Highly Recommend Epoxy It! Would hire them again.

Josh Maxwell

Jesse is an amazing guy with an amazing product! I’ve worked along side and have seen the results and it makes a world of difference transforming your space going with EpoxyIt! Fine Quality and a beautiful finish is what you get.

Nouse Foraname

These guys are legit. They have done 3 properties for me over the years. True professionalism and true quality. Fair price and honest people. 5 star!

Pedego Palm Springs

This company has beautiful, quality work. There is no other company I’d use when getting any epoxy work done, they are second to none!

Nutrishop Indio

Jesse and his team go above and beyond to meet our vision for our home. Thank you for a job well done!

Christina Torres

This whole crew is best in the game!!! Don’t waste ur time with others get it done right the first time won’t be let down!!!

Shane Smith

We Don't Settle for Boring Concrete!

And neither should you. Restore your dirty, damaged concrete floor into an attractive, blemish free extension of your home with our epoxy, polyurea, and polyaspartic floors coatings.